Anderson Home Field Advantage (HFA) Fundraiser

Anderson’s Baseball program is on a quest to add lights and upgrade our baseball field. The planned improvements will allow for…

  • Varsity to play home games at Anderson High School
  • JV to play full 7-inning games past dusk,
  • All baseball teams to practice after dark, AND
  • Hundreds of other Anderson athletes to use the field past sundown after the baseball season

Lights alone would be a game changer for our baseball program, but we would love to do more! Our goal to raise $700,000 will not only allow for us to Add lights to the field, but also…

  • Replace the failing backstop and upgrade the dugouts
  • Expand the outfield and move the fence
  • Replace the scoreboard

You can see a summary of the initiative and all of the highlights in the HFA Flyer. If you are curious about the cost of the project and the impact of your donations, then please take a look at the project expenses and impact details. And, of course, to make these improvements happen we need donors to step up and make it happen!  Please take a look at the donorship levels available for you to contribute.

How can you help? Donate now and share this information with all anyone who is interested in helping us change the future of Anderson’s baseball program.


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